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Plywood is the material of choice for the majority of dryfreight roll up doors. It's strong, durable, flexible and, most important, it's priced right. But making it stand really tough over time had been a challenge – a challenge met by the industry leader, TODCO.

To start with, TODCO patented the Transportation Core™, a 3/4", 7-ply, premium-grade plywood that forms the foundation of our doors. It has a hardwood outer veneer that virtually eliminates wood grain "telegraphing," giving a smoother, more uniform look that lasts.

Then came the most recent revolutionary TODCO development: the TOUGHSHELL™ system. The system is a multi-layered formulation of liquid polymers that are specifically designed to work together on wood substrates, and provide a state-of-the-art defense against moisture, abrasion, temperature extremes, harsh chemicals, even UV damage – in short, just about anything you can run into. For details, click here.

Our most recent innovation is EverWare™ rivets. They solve the ugly problem of rust-stained doors at no extra cost to you. Standard on all TODCO wood and fiberglass Dryfreight and PolarGuard® doors, only EverWare rivets give you the rust protection of stainless steel – without the stainless cost.

As the world leader in truck and trailer doors, TODCO has continued to reinvent the plywood door, making today's TODCO versions the toughest, most durable out there, by far.

Not Just Tough...TODCO Tough
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TODCO doors, sometimes referred to as todco doors or todco roll up doors, or todco truck doors are the best on the market. TODCO makes plywood doors, fiberglass doors, aluminum doors, aluminum clad doors and polycomposite doors for trucks, cargo vans and truck trailers. TODCO ramps, known as todco rollaramps, are available with spring assist to help drivers in and out of their delivery truck doors or trailer truck doors. TODCO products include TODCOLD doors, dryfreight doors, ArmorTech doors, City cargo doors, CityCargo doors, armor plate doors ArmorPlate doors, weather tight doors and WeatherTite doors.
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